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30 Minute Massage

A 30 minute massage is ideal for an isolated injury to a specific area. For a relaxing massage treatment 30 minutes would give time for the back and neck. 30 minute massages are great for a monthly maintenance program.

45 Minute Massage

A 45 minute massage gives more time for an isolated injury or treatment of two problem areas. For a relaxing massage treatment 45 minutes would give enough time for back, neck and arms or legs. Monthly 45 minute massages are ideal for a maintenance program as it can combine relaxation and specific injury treatment into one massage.

60 Minute Massage

A 60 minute massage is the standard treatment time. Time allocation is sufficient to deal with multiple issues such as neck tension, low back stiffness and leg soreness. As a relaxation massage, 60 minutes would include all regions (back, neck arms, legs, and feet). Monthly 60 minute massage treatments will keep your body in tiptop shape

90 Minute Massage

A 90 minute massage is the royal treatment. A 90 minute treatment massage can treat multiple issues as well as include relaxation techniques to all regions. A 90 minute relaxation massage equals total relaxation, it give ample time to cover all regions leaving your body in a total relaxed state.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage is a specialty massage where heated stones are placed on your body and are used as an extension of my hands to massage your body. The heat from the stones help loosen the muscles making it easier to work and relax tight muscles. Hot Stone Massages are 75 minutes in length.


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